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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A desk... made from LEGO

Here's the job my kid Noah really should pursue. He seems incapable of staying employed for more than a few weeks when he has an actual boss, so self-employment seems his only possibility for long term employment. His only other possibility seems would be to purchase a flavored ice machine and shack to set on a grocery store parking lot corner. But maybe he could do this- he used to love to build LEGO stuff...
- Approximately 35,000 LEGO bricks were used. This includes almost all the pieces from 32 Blue Tubs (#3033), almost 300 (!) small baseplates (8x16 studs), and 63 blue plate packs from LEGO Shop-at-Home. A few other pieces were also bought from private collectors (226 tiles so the drawers could slide, et cetera).
- The desk weighs about 120 pounds, I think.
- The desk has the following dimensions (inches, WxHxD): 60" x 29.5" x 30".
- It has 7 working drawers (six small, one large).
- Yes, the top is bumpy -- studs up. I offered to make the top smooth, but the client specifically requested otherwise.
- Yes, I was paid to build the desk. Don't ask how much. It was worth my time.
Where do people get the ideas that lead to this stuff?

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